Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have two sashes, one above the other. The top sash is fixed in place and the bottom sash is operable. The window looks like a double hung window, but only the bottom sash slides up and down to regulate airflow. Although not as common as double hungs, single hungs are still used to replace existing windows or in new construction.

Single hung windows are often more affordable than double hungs because only one sash operates. No mechanisms are needed to operate the top sash so expenses are minimized.

A Quality Window Designed for a Limited Budget

Window Plus offers one single hung window. If you want quality but need the most affordable window possible, these single hung windows are the perfect choice. They come with a variety of features, including:

  • Tilt-in bottom sash: Our single hung windows have a tilt-in bottom sash to make cleaning easier.
  • Minimal air infiltration: Double weather stripping surrounds the sash perimeters to provide maximum weather protection.
  • >Meeting rail interlock: The interlock where the two sashes meet in the middle is designed to minimize air infiltration.
  • Energy efficiency: Our single hung windows meet the Energy Star and NFRC industry standards for energy efficiency. Additional energy efficient glass package upgrades are also available.
  • Multi-chambered frames: Multiple heavy gauge vinyl walls provide superior strength and thermal performance.
  • Innovative sill design: The one-piece sill creates a strong bond between sill and jamb for maximum weather protection.
  • Balance system: Our Balance system uses a coil that provides smooth, easy operation. It never needs lubrication or adjustment, making your single hung windows nearly maintenance-free.


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